Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Naylorcast 4 (The Venus Project)

Because the political/economic/philosophical questions are usually more complicated and take up a lot of time to answer, I'm going to relegate them to their own audio files. I'll keep the questions about my comics and writing to separate files so people can have more control over what they listen to.

This audio file is an hour dedicated to someone's question about The Venus Project and resource based economy. It's something I can't just cover blithely in a few minutes. I'll probably have another cast tomorrow to answer some of the comic related questions that have built up.

Mahrkale is working on an audio page for the website and it should be up very soon. It'll have a drop down menu so you can see which questions are covered in each cast. After it's up, be sure to check it to see if your question has already been addressed!
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