Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Naylorcast Questions

I'll allow more questions to compile here for anyone who wants to open a discussion along the same lines as last time. General rules still apply for what I'm taking, with an added one after last time.

I'll ignore questions like these:

1.) Rude questions (Why were you an asshole when you did...?)
2.) Trite questions (What's Abigail's favorite ice cream flavor?)
3.) Leading questions (Why do you hate gays/women/blacks/etc...?)
4.) Questions that can be answered by reading my comics (What's Fisk's job?)
5.) Questions that would spoil future stories (Will this character go and do this and this?)
6.) Spamming question-barrage (an immense numbered list of questions that would take up a lot of time to answer)

The last addition is in response to an email I received like this. It's not a personal slight that I don't wish to address the list. Some questions struck me as unimportant and trite, while others seemed vaguely related to things others were asking. But most of all, addressing the list in a thorough manner would have taken up a lot of time. I don't like to give flippant answers and I try to explain myself when it's warranted. I sometimes divert when I answer things.
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