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Original Life

The website seems to be getting a new flurry of attention. I can usually tell when it's existence is being circulated because of a flux of fan mail and assorted commentary, which is always neat. I published some sketches and images from my preliminary work on the new comic to replace the Better Days schedule once that comic is completed. They can be found here and here. They are cute and work safe. These images have sent a deluge of questions my way, some from people who want to know about the new comic, some from people asking for answers to questions that are answered if you read Better Days (I know it's over 600 pages, but c'mon), and others asking questions about things that never happened but were occurrences born of their fevered delusions. I realize it's very easy to miss details in a webcomic's plot. But part of me imagines these people just skimming the pages half heartedly until they stumble upon a frame of a female character in her underwear.

Anyway, as the last chapter of Better Days is now underway, I thought I would use this post to come clean with the details of the new comic. I'll see if I can put together a nice overview page for the new comic at some point, so that these things can be made known to those who do not read my journal. But for you studious ladies and gentlemen who do, I'll endeavor to give as much detail as I'm comfortable with right now.

The new comic will be called Original Life. I fretted over the title for a long time before coming up with this one and being satisfied that it was both poignant and vague enough to be appropriate. Better Days was named as such because it was about growing and reaching that point where you are finally at your happiest, and you're living as well as you can. The title was always about the future, not the past. Original Life is about the times and adventures of the Better Days characters living in the very midst of those days they worked hard to reach.

The main focus of the comic will be humor, with just a little eensy flavor of the dramatic from time to time. It won't contain anything nearly as super serious as the darkest points of Better Days. The Better Days pages and chapters that were comedic were my favorite to write and draw (with chapter 22 as my favorite), and they also generated the most positive feedback, so it's a win win that I should focus on that as I go forward with Original Life.

The cast will be pretty wide, but the primary characters will be members of Fisk and Elizabeth's nuclear family. This includes their three children: Janie, Thomas, and Abbigail. Much of the other cast is new and includes their neighbors in a far outlying upscale suburban neighborhood. The old Better Days cast is still around and will make appearances. Lucy, Tommy, their son Leo, Sheila, Sam, Beth, and Aron live in Florida and will pop in from time to time. The other Better Days cast can pop in at any time, though I haven't outlined any specific story arcs for them to take part in, yet. A lot of people keep asking me about Robert and Jessica. They're around and they have kids, but for some reason they've always been difficult for me to write stories about. Other characters from Better Days (Amy, Persia, Flounce, Sparky, Marvin, Bobbie, etc...) are eligible for Original Life appearances, but I have no plot arcs planned for them at the moment.

The rarely drawn and even more rarely known about female otter named "Red" will make her first appearance in one of the plot arcs of Original Life.

In a little divergence from realism, the characters will not age like they did in Better Days, and the backdrop of the events will be the modern day. I know I said it would be hard for me to do a comic like this, but the more I think about it, the more I would like to do it just to keep it fun.

Original Life will be black and white, cell shaded, with digital text. The comic will take over the Better Days posting schedule and update every Monday and Friday. Better Days will remain as an archive on my website forever and ever. I will continue to happily use the adult characters of Original Life in the adult comics I produce for the catalog.

I hope this helps. Thanks for being awesome fans.
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