Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

General Site Update

If I ever get a span of free time, I'll finally get the site pushed over to the point where everything is updated as I want. For the future, I need to update the pictures section, which is still mired in 2005. I need to update the gifts section, since I've received a few more pieces of fan art and I've been remiss in posting them. Most of all, I need to strip away the Fang's Babe section and fill it with something else, entirely. I can't just take it down, since it occupies a big hunk of my web layout, right now, but it looks embarassingly old compared to my updated banners and images.

New Worlds is getting a good bit of fan-mail. Someone lamented that the story had to start out with a battle sequence, which leaves people waiting a lot for the character development. I felt it was better to dump the reader into the action first, to give them an idea of a polarized world. All of the character development will be soon in coming, I assure. If I can budget a little more free time, I'd like to work on more side-projects that further flesh out the New Worlds universe. One of the things I started just as a fun aside was an Encyclopedia Hierarchia, a run-down of the world's nations, races, and technologies, from the standpoint of Hierarchy scientists, with a heavy infusion of government propaganda. I almost wish I had done that with the main navigation index. Behind the cut is a sample of something I put together really fast.

I did it really fast, so ignore any typoes. It probably needs some editing. If it's put together in any more polished form, it would include illustrations. Idealy, something like this could be a good dumping ground for universe ideas that don't quite yet make it into the storyline.

The Links page gets a little bit of attention every now and then. Sometimes I look at it and realize it's full of links I never visit, anymore. I want to just ditch it and spend a few hours doing it over, perhaps with banners if they're available. The only thing noteworthy that I've added, lately, is a link to the new comic Lackadaisy. It's one of the most visually appealing comics I've seen, yet, and it reminds me of Cats Don't Dance in a dark, violent, Chicago typewriter sort of way.
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