Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Poona This Way Comes

Take a gander at this:

Crazy, no? A theater in Los Angeles wants to use that Jessica image in their run of a 1999 avant garde play titled, well... you can see what it's titled.

When I first got the e-mail request, I was thinking "do what?" and finding my initial reflex kicking in that causes me to shy away from anything that mingles "fuck" and "children" together in it's title. My production schedule keeps me from straying to take on additional projects, but they director expressed interest in using an image that was already created, so I decided to go along and provide them with printable versions. I asked for the script and was provided with a copy. I can't distribute it. I read over it tonight. I don't know anything about theater and I haven't seen a play since high school, but I'm interested in seeing the costumes they come up for this thing. There's a chance they will film it and I could get a copy of that as well.

The story isn't as frightening as the title implies. The overall theme seems to be about a dog that grows up and wishes she knew everything she knows now, but when she was young. The good parts of the play seem to be lessons about being taken for granted and knowing who values you for what. The bad parts of the play seem to be a congealed mash of the usual social commentaries you expect from these sorts of things: random, forced, and coming at you from all directions. The play was written in 1999, so at least it's not directly referencing current events, or else I'd be tempted to photoshop a giant "W" on Poona's shirt.

Overall, this is pretty neat. Hopefully this post will help head off some of the "someone's using your art!" e-mails that could be forthcoming. Even though.. I don't think I have any friends in Los Angeles. Someone there probably reads my comics. And goes to these sorts of things.
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