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With "Enemies" Like These...

I was informed by multiple people throughout the day on Sunday that either my website or my comic Better Days had been bestowed the honor of being Something Aweful's aweful link of the day. Despite the subject line of this entry, I don't really consider them "enemies" in any sense, but the phrase sort of works in this case. I guess they think the comic or the site really sucks hard, so they sent a cavalcade of traffic toward me. That's about all I got. A lot of new exposure. Not a single harassing e-mail or a disparaging comment. The visitation pattern appears to show people mostly coming to the comic, staying, and reading huge hunks or all of the archive.

I got several e-mails and messages about the matter. Some people thought it would herald a new phase of angsty thrashing about and voiciferous public rancor. Others just wanted to make sure I knew. Trust me, when we saw the traffic data on the site suddenly skyrocket, we knew. The server soaked it all up without so much as a burp. Nothing really ensued. Nothing but increased traffic and some new readers. There was also a moderate increase in catalog sales, but nothing extraordinary enough to get too excited about. My primary "base" of customers is probably already well established.

The only kind of feedback I received was positive. I'll share some of them behind the cut, as well as some thoughts about the points.

I don't know if readers of SA are still into harassing people who are
the subject of their ALOD, but if you are I just wanted to say that I
am a goon, I saw your comic linked through the ALOD, and I actually
enjoyed it. You are a good artist, and the stories were good, even if
the incest parts were a little creepy. :) You also took a deviant
stance from what I would imagine most furries would; for example the
wiccian/lesbian charachter that was more of a major tool than

Still don't know why anthromorphic animals do it for you guys but,
well, whatever. At least some of you have talent! :)

I often ask myself why I draw in the anthropomorphic genre. I think it comes down to wanting to be a cartoonist of sorts, ever since being a fan of them since childhood, and given how prominently cartoon animals are featured. I think there's a hightened "cuteness" factor in animal characters which draws in many of the fans and a lot of the cartoonists. I don't think I can rationalize the disproportionate level of... weirdness in the fandom that kind of sprouts from these cartoon animals; a level of sloveness, a tolerance for mediocracy, a nerdy whininess that often rises up as shrill and prominent as to center itself as the central representation of the fandom. I think it's because the fandom encompasses others who aren't into it just because of the cartoon animals. I've noticed three basic types of "furries" for lack of a better term:

1.) Cartoon animal fans - people who like the animal-slanted characters because they're cute or they have an affinity for a certain type of creature and enjoy humanized characters that express many of the traits of that creature. In my own opinion, these people are the least "overboard" in the fandom, and come in a vast variety of types, good and bad, but generally nothing worse than what you find in other fandoms.
2.) Spiritual furries - people who's religion - established or personal - revolves around animals or a specific animal of some kind. The animal is usually a very magestic and strong type of creature that looks good on t-shirts with glorious and grand scenery in the background. Spiritual furries usually have manifested traits of the animal, personality traits, habits, lifestyles, that reflect their devotion to their beliefs. This belief is sometimes a gateway to the fandom and sometimes something adopted once the fandom is discovered.
3.) Lifestyle furries - people who believe their enjoyment of a fandom should convey a code of views and behavior based on the majority of their friends who express certain views or behaviors. Whether it's the presumption of extreme tolerance for impropriety, or displays of extreme intolerance for anything rooted in reality, they're generally the most irritating and vocal of the fandom. They cultivate the "chic" victim mentality of an oppressed minority, trying to drum up the piety and righteousness of the civil rights movement by eluding to how it applies to them adopting a "furry lifestyle" and the subsequent oppression of their views, sexuality, income status, and sometimes criminal behavior.

Another e-mail stated:
As you probably know, "Better Days" has been ALoD'd at Something Awful. But... I really don't see why. I read through the entire archive of the comic and found nothing awful. As a matter of fact, the art is beautiful, and the story is rather interesting. I am looking forward to the next update!

captain_lucky left the comment on my previous livejournal entry:
Hello, this morning I saw the link to your Better Days serial featured on That's never good, but it is a great way to be recognized. So I started reading the whole thing from the beginning, and even though I'm only up to chapter seven now, I gotta tell you that it's actually pretty damn good. The stories are pretty intense, and the humorish wit is quite sharp. So yeah, it's a damn good series.

SA sort of has to scrape pretty hard in order to find their Awful Link Of The Day's anymore, so I guess they figured, "OMG PERSONIFIED ANIMALS" and that was it.

In short, you are a very good writer and artist.

I didn't want to make a huge post that was just glorifying myself and wallowing in the pats on the back I was getting. But it brings to light the old cliche that there is no such thing as bad publicity.
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