Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Settling In

I had a huge 12 hour bout of sleep after getting home from work Friday and falling asleep on Friday afternoon. Now I nestle in for another day of cartoonistic endeavors. I've been thinking about a lot of long-term things lately, most of it about money and finances. I'm feeling pretty good about the direction of my website and I'm feeling somewhat financially secure and independent for the first time in my life. It's a good feeling to have as I start looking for my own place next year. I want to give living alone a shot. I think I'll like it. My realm. My domain.

Thanks to, my checking account ballance has almost caught up with my 401K account ballance. I realize I probably need to invest some of this extraneous liquid cash that's just sort of building up, but I'm unsure about where. I know that if I ever leave Kinkos completely, I'll probably take my 401K and roll it into an IRA for retirement, and continue to contribute my own money, but as long as I'm working at Kinkos, even on a part-time basis, I'm content to keep my 401K and let Kinkos continue to match my contributions. I won't turn down free money, after all. I may just start another investment account, heavily diversified, like an IRA, and maybe keep a little more in something short-term and aggressive. It'll accelerate my ascention to becoming the Gordon Gecko of furry porn.

Behind the cut, I drew a skunk in her undies.

This is Jerome's mother from Kelly Hamilton's Good Cheese. I think her name is Linda. I hope my memory is correct. I realized this is one of the first skunks I've drawn in years. Not that I have anything against skunks in particular, but I'd been sort of turned away from them for some time after dealing with the kinds of people who seem to like skunks. Let me take that back. They don't just like skunks. They fucking obsess over skunks. Everything is skunk oriented in some way. They go over the top with species themed sketchbooks about skunks and feel the urge to entice (or coerce) cartoonists to draw reams and reams of pornography featuring skunk characters from children's cartoon shows. And if you don't aquiece to their neverending requests to do commissions and sketchbooks for themselves and their friends, they think something is wrong with you. Yes! Something must be wrong with YOU! I digress, just to say that, for all those who have asked, this is the main reason I haven't drawn a skunk in years. It takes a hot MILF like this to get me to draw them again. Thanks Kelly!

This was my warm-up for the day. I'll be working on Better Days for the rest of the day, and if there's time, I'll be working more on the Beth story. She's been an excercise for me, because she's thinner than most of the girls I've drawn in erotic form. I've usually featured women with plenty of curves and roundness. Thin girls like Beth are something of a challenge because they feature less pronounced portions, like muscles, breasts, hips, buttocks, and a lot of curve-lines that help frame and place a lot of anatomy. I've noticed a lot of people tend to go overboard in praising women of largess, and the depiction thereof. Someone can like what they want and that's just fine, but many do it to the detriment and insult of thin women, and there are a lot of naturally thin women, and I like them just as much as the rubenesque. It probably makes me weird that I don't have a single overriding preference in that department.
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