Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

So, I got this here LiveJournal thing..

Why did I get a LiveJournal? What the hell am I doing here?

There are a number of reasons, first of which is the ability to convey messages to friends in a concise way, as well as people who seem to want to keep up with me. For some reason, there's never enough people asking my friends if I'm still alive, and am still drawing, or what not. It will also give those who wish the ability to contact me, if they don't know how, since I don't post my e-mail on my VCL archive. I figure this would be the best place to reveal an e-mail address, rather than Velar, since most people type better and present more coherent thoughts when their pants aren't around their ankles.

I was told a prerequisite to getting an LJ was being able to whine, beg for money, or post insipid boring comments about my hobbies that no one else cares about. I'll do my best.

This is my current biggest project, spanning the last couple months of on and off preparation. It's a website, the site half of which is pending, as a friend gets everything together. I'm fairly excited about the prospect of having web-space again, other than just an art directory.

Better Days will be yet another online comic. For the longest time I've wanted to write stories about the life of my primary creation: Fisk. I've also wanted to test my hand at drawing online comics, as well as move away from single-shot pin-ups and illustrated series pictures, to actual writing. This project furthers all these endeavors. I've slowly become jaded on the stand-alone picture or pin-up, and I don't get the same satisfaction from completing them, anymore, so I've decided to venture into stories for the time being. The comic will consist of story segments dealing with a little snap-shot chapter of Fisk's development, starting at the age of eight and following him as he grows. Many stories will be purely silly, while others will handle serious issues that have affected his outlook as an adult later on. Each comic post will be as a regular comic page, though slightly smaller and simpler. When I start it up, I'm going to attempt to maintain a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule. I've got a lot of backlogged stories ready to roll, so this shouldn't be a problem for the short run. If something strange happens during any particular week that makes me fall behind, or I realize that I can't complete three pages a week, comfortably, I may rely on plan B and post entire story segments monthly, or at least updates.

The comic won't be pornographic, but it will have adult situations. I've become jaded on blatant pornography for the sake of it, and it's not necessary for the progression of the stories. I think the distractions could even detract from them at times, and blindside some people (who don't expect that sort of thing) from the real punch behind the story.

The feedback by the people who've seen some of the comics has been very positive. This, coupled with the idea of finally showing how Fisk ticks, finally presenting a lot of my characters as actual people, instead of posing models, has kept me filled with more inspiration than I can remember. So I plunge forth...

I'm continuing to draw on the side, and mostly, to practice my coloring. Coloring is my weakest area, I feel, and I need to work on it, badly. The new website being put together will be entirely about Better Days, and Better Days related material, art, and writings. All other art will remain on VCL. When I first had a site, it acted as a mirror to VCL, and I began to wonder what the point in having two of them was. I told myself if I ever had another website, I'd have to use it for another creative avenue, other than just being an archive with the same pictures on it, that are on Velar. Now I have that avenue.

My work seems to be veering away from overt adult presentations. Once you've drawn spank every which way, sideways, longways, and upways, you get fairly jaded on it. I'm still working and drawing, but things are just slipping into different territories. I'll still continue to use the VCL for stand-alone images that worm their way out of my head and onto paper.

That's about all for now, folks. Do take care.

Jay Naylor
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