Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

The Last Great President

What a presumptuous title, hm? I really think that's the case. Not because I traditionally lean right of center, but because of the circumstances surrounding President Ronald Reagan, a presence I think was missed since the early 1990s, and finally came to a long, saddening close in 2004. His death came as an expected event, and instead of grief, it marked a time for historical reflection, in my case.

I was only a kid during the Reagan administration, a meer casual spectator in the world going on around me. Even though I was born in 1977, Reagan was the first President that I distinctly remember handling world events, as my mind matured from the babbling toddler years that we all forget, to a walking, talking member of society, where the mind starts retaining memories and joining them with events and experiences that occure to draw connections and conclusions that hopefully translate into wisdom later in life. I remember as a child how I hated Reagan for every childish reason that I heard my peers expressing dislike, a notion derived from the popular culture we partook of in our everyday lives. Like everything in our childhood, our opinions didn't require deep thought, research, or even the most cursory grasp of factual evidence. It wasn't until I clumsily stumbled my way into my teenage life that I started to develope an interest in history, encountering my first few brushes with political opinion from a more sensible foundation. It was then that I started to realize that my former opinions were founded in burgeoning popularity among my peers, and had no basis in reason and thought, and I changed slowly over time to something closer to what I am today. His old fashioned optomism, determination, leadership, and faith in America stood in sharp contrast to the rest of the political landscape at the time. He presided over one of the most pivotal periods of peacetime history for our country. It affected the entire world.

I didn't know him personally, or vote for him, or really give him much concern when he was still with us. But he was important in helping me develop introspection, later on, as well as being a figurehead from the earliest days I can remember. I couldn't let his death go by without me saying something.
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