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We Hate Jay!

I've never been more amazed at the drama that is the furry fandom. The more I see, the more I just want to quietly extract myself from open, public interaction, and meerly produce my work and sell my material. I really think I'd like to sideline a few up and coming furry stories and hone my skills for Anime, seeing if I can approach something fresh and new, with more knowledge than I have, now. New conventions, different people, more people in general, all of which fascinates me. I know it has its own share of strife, but I'm sure I can more easily dodge it if it rears its head, now that I know the things to look out for.

This all came about from an e-mail I received which was CCed to Mat Sherer, who I've recently disassociated myself with. I don't know why the person sees a great loss on their end, as the readers still have access to both comics. But they've taken it upon themselves to write a series of forceful and insulting assertions in the impression it will bear on my decision. In a world as cozy as this, it's amazing the kinds of things people will find reason to treat like a threat to the Republic itself. That is so furry. For your perusal:

Dear sirs,

I like that

I've been reading BDK and Better Days for about two or three months now. I've never posted on either webcomic's forums, I've never wrote to
either of you before.

However, after witnessing the apparent split in relations, I had to write and say that you are both acting like childish asses.
You're both having what appears to be a falling out with each other, and it seems to be due to a right-wing/left-wing thing. And frankly, it
sucks. It sucks /large./
Flaming Mat's artistic skills was a very low blow - and an unnessessary one. To claim to be embaressed by his artistic skills as an excuse
for no longer linking to him is like disowning a relative because they dress like a nerd. It's called Badly Drawn Kitties, but it really is
not. The character art is very simple, elegant in it's general line-art appearance. I will also note that this is the very same style of
character art that has made Howard Taylor's Schlock Mercenary ( ) one of the most popular webcomics /ever./ And
okay, the backgrounds are badly drawn. That's part of the style, and frankly, I like it. And I'm willing to bet a lot of other people like

The quality in BDK that I had issue with was with regard to the writing, not the art. I don't remember having a link to Schlock Mercenary either... maybe because I don't like things just because they're popular.

And the apparent descision on Mat's part to simply steal Sheila Black and rename her, make a new character to contine - it's simply
ludicrious and asinine. Frankly, I'd be surprised if there's a single BDK reader who is not also a Better Days reader. The two are as
intertwined as Abbott and Costello.

I wasn't aware of that, but I don't visit BDK anymore. I'm sure the Mat Sherer version will be as interesting and meaningful a character as three day old toast. The "entwining" mentioned above is something I'm trying to eleminate.

Frankly, you're both acting like asses, and it's us - the readers - who are going to suffer. It's craptacular horse manure is what this all
is! You can't try and yank BDK away from Better Days anymore than you can yank the rotors from a helicoptor, the wings from an airplane, the
hull from a ship or the chassis from a car. You've managed to create a dualistic webcomic that provides humor and funny insight on a daily
basis, and a more deep venture mondays and friday.

Watch me. No, seriously. Readers lose nothing. I don't want to be tethered to BDK. The kind of person who'd think BDK was "insightful" would surely not understand the presumptuousness they possess in bitching about an online comic that comes to them in a completely free fashion.

Except... Better Days isen't funny. And BDK is not deep in that it never makes you think.

Yeah, you heard me. Better Days is not funny at all. And BDK is about as deep as a wading pool. Without each other, they'll fall apart as
the readers become tired of the heavy-handed maturity, general lack of laughing, and frequent tiresome angst of Better Days, or of the fact
that BDK is rarely challenging to the mind. It's good for some slapstick, and sure, we all love the sex scenes, but ultimately it will
simply become an excersise in "yawn, Lucy's having sex with another girl again." And Better Days will become "how boring, Fisk's beating the
crap out of someone again."

A friend of mine read this and stated: "If Better Days isn't funny, then what does that leave BDK? You have to come up with a completely new level of unfunny to describe BDK." The idea that I have to ballance my writing with Mat's was never the intent. There are zillions of webcomics that focus solely on humor. If you want to ballance my stories, there are plenty of tired old clones to choose from.

Suck it up and make nice, or it's going to be the readers who suffer, and then ultimately divide into two camps. Then the members of those
camps will just kind of drift away, bored

I'm afraid I really don't see it. Most of the replies I've gotten reguarding my maneuver have been along the lines of "It's about time." Someone told me Mat was accusing me of character theft, which in this case might only be possible if he had a Trademark, since likenesses can't be copyrighted, and the likeness between his Lucy and Better Day's Lucy are so vastly different. My belief is that most people will be unchanged or uncaring, and will continue to visit and read the comics they want. I would just like to get the point where "Mat who?" describes my relationship with BDK's creator. The fewer unpleasant people I have to deal with surrounding my creations, the happier I am.

I'm happier already.
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