Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Future Project Thoughts

I thought I'd break down where I was on the adult project front, right now. I've already broken ground on the next project, and that's already set in stone, though I don't want to get into that particular one, at the moment. Right now I'm speculating on which of my ideas I'll have for the last project of this year, and then well into next year.

Right now I'm stalled on what to do with the Cottonwine series. I had an idea at first, and started the next set of volumes as The Rise of the Wolf Queen. But I was looking through my plot notes for the subsequent installments, and I wasn't pleased with them. My intent was to take it in a slightly new and perhaps unexpected direction, none of which was mentioned in the first installment. That first comic was done only to re-introduce the inquisitor character. Anyway, this explains the delay in progressing the series. I'm not going to abandon it, but I need some more time to work it to a point where I feel it would make a good adult series to proceed with. The first arc of the series earned such strong reactions from people, both positive and negative. I didn't want to simply repackage the same sort of thing and try to have lightning strike twice. Sometimes the first time you do something like that, it's best to let it stand on its own and not keep trying to recreate it.

One of the things that always bugged me about my own work, was the wide range of subjects I sometimes swing to. I do sometimes fear that people who follow me for a particular phase I go through, will be left behind as I begin doing comics about other subjects for a while. I've built a large collection of people who watch me, and no matter what I put out, I will make only a certain number of them happy with my decision for what to do next, while others are eagerly awaiting new stories about a completely different universe and subject. At one point, I wanted to prune some of the worlds I would work it, narrow it down to one or two, but in the end, I really didn't like the idea of restricting myself.

In the meantime, I'm also swinging back and forth between either a story about Lenore, or a story about Mandy. I'm sure everyone will provide their opinion on the matter, and in this case, I kind of appreciate it, so long as it's not demanding and rude. I know there are people who really like Mandy, but there are also people who want to see more humans hooking up with furries. So far, no complicated plots for either have bubbled up, just really simple introductions to rampant hedonism (that's not an invitation to hear ideas). For the record, I will admit to leaning toward a Mandy story, because she's not had a sexual role in a comic yet, or much of any role, really.

Everything beyond that is sketchy.
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