Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Red's Back Story

Starting Friday (4/12/2013), Original Life will be on an arc that will cover Red's back story. It's a story I've held onto for years, since shortly after her character was created, never quite knowing the best place to tell it. I think I've found the best way to deliver it for what it is, and as a way to give the character more depth. It's a story that's probably more at home in Better Days than it is in the Original Life, but there are people who have missed some of the more weighty topics from my last webcomic. So, I hope they will enjoy this. There are no punchlines. Not much about it is light hearted. But it will explain some of the reasons she is how she is in her thoughts about families, relationships, and how she needs to be in the control as well as emotionally distant in her sex life.

And if you're not following Original Life, or haven't heard of it, you might want to give a shot.

My webcomics are kind of like a jawbreaker. There are different colors and flavors as you work your way through it, over time. Some people take a break and store it in the wrapper in the desk drawer, only to take it up again later. Some people's mothers find it and are disgusted. Other people never start it out of fear, but then they're happy when they finally do. And then there's that weird girl in the neighborhood who just licks it and never puts it in her mouth.
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