Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Red Project Complete (and upcoming comic ideas)

The Red comic is completed and up on the adult catalog, now ( ) and I'm already sort of gearing up for the next project. I'm pleased that I'm doing these at an even better clip than before. A project like this would have taken me a bit longer with my old pace. The pages look really nice. I'm also really excited to work on the continuation of the original Cottonwine story. This next comic will continue events left off from the Fall of Little Red Riding Hood and be the first installment in the Rise of the Wolf Queen.

I also have a project featuring Mai and Minh and some nice little explanations about them from Priscilla's standpoint that's pretty foremost in my mind. So much so that there's a good chance it'll be the comic I do after the first Wolf Queen comic. There's also a comic possibly involving Brice having his own fling which will coincide with an Original Life arc I have planned for this year, but it's release will warrant some timing, so I can't say when that'll manifest. Aside from that, this year is fairly up in the air. There are a lot of half-stories and good ideas that I haven't yet coalesced into workable form that could make for fun things to do.

Thanks for your support! :3

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