Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

2013 Production

Things for 2013 are a little more loose than my usual collection of ideas. This is in the hopes that by the time I have time for some of the little germs in my mind, they'll still seem new and exciting and I won't feel like bypassing them. Many projects in the past have never seen the light of day because of that.

Another thing worth noting is how I plan to be much quicker in producing work. One of the things that really slows me down is overthinking which lines I'll put where and what I'll put in this frame or that in a comic, when a more stream-of-consciousness approach yields equally effective results. That's more or less what I did with the Samantha comic and it came out great. I would have finished the comic much sooner, but my move to Florida put a huge speed bump in my production schedule. But in 2013, I'm hoping 10 and 15+ page comics become normal, instead of an impressive exception. I'm also getting more work done per day in my new place. I feel much less dreary.

The next comic I'll be working on will be about Red the otter. It's something I've been thinking on for a while and it's time. I'm working on this as a comic that I'll work on as 2012 ends and 2013 ramps up. This is what I will work on while the ideas for The Rise of the Wolf Queen begin to come together in a more solid form. Right now the story is still just loose notes due to not being able to think on much else. But I am eager to get started on the next series from the Cottonwine universe. There are also plenty of ideas swirling around about Priscilla's little retinue of household help, mainly revolving around Mai and Minh. Their relationship and behavior has become a subject of a few drawings of mine and I'd love to expand on it further in project form. Right now I'm keeping that idea for later in the year, possibly after the first Wolf Queen comic.

That's all for now. Thanks to everyone who supports my work. You're the best. :3
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