Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Swanky Florida Digs and Production Schedule

I secured the keys to my new place last Friday and I'm in the process of ferrying down loads of things leading up to moving the large things down in about a week. It's a sweet place. Secure, strong and made of concrete, having survived many decades of storms. I used to live at the same complex a few years ago and I really missed living there. I really am cut out for warm weather and a relaxed, beachy life. I'll be that self employed dude who lives by the beach and sets his own hours, and it's a good thing to be.

Here's a view of the pool from my balcony. It's a sweet pool. There's also a fitness room so I can run on a hamster wheel no matter what the weather is like.

Five minutes walk from the apartment is this:

It's a smaller beach than Cocoa to the North, but that's kind of nice. It's never been overcrowded in my memory and when the tide's too high, it's still nice to sit on the small boardwalk there and just enjoy the ocean.

The move is putting a hit on my productivity. I was sure to finish the ongoing Samantha project before the end of this month, and right now it could go over by a few days. It's a large project, so it'll be worth the wait. All my spare time is devoted to keeping the webcomics up to date and working on the Samantha project, so all the ideas I have for single images I want to upload to my site galleries are on hold and piling up in my mind. It could be a while before I continue my contributions to FA, DA, Tumblr, and Weasyl in any significant way.

It also means I'm pushing back my commission schedule. Those on my commission list aren't out any money, so there's no tension, but still, I like to keep in communication. I'll be plunging back into my commission list after I get fully settled in the new place.

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