Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

The Kind of Fan Mail I Love

This isn't the first time I've received an email along these lines, but this one was specific and thorough enough to share, and it sheds light into why I don't get upset when people talk about me on the internet. Reality stands for itself.

Shared with permission:

Hi, my name is (name withheld). I was reading Bad Webcomics Wiki, which is
generally entertaining in pointing out blatant flaws in comics, when I
happened upon the review of your comic, Original Life. I read the
entire reviews, as well as your entire comic, and I must say that I DO
NOT understand what they are complaining about!

Their criticism amounts to "asdf they don't have the same views as
me!!!! no fair!!!!" and insults about art style from your very early
comics, which I must say has improved greatly since the first comic.
In the later half of the article, the criticism devolves completely
into personal attacks and accusations of pedophilia (wat?).

I usually enjoy Bad Webcomics Wiki, but I must say that the article on
your comic was entirely uncalled for. I am just writing to let you
know that not everyone will mindlessly hate any comic posted on that
site, and that your comic has gained a new reader, regardless of

P.S. In case this surprises you, I am not a very political person, and
I do not consider myself a furry. I just enjoy the comic, even though
the wiki article implies your only fans are pedophile animal rapists
with a penchant for Ayn Rand. Some people will get worked up about

<3 (name withheld)

After saying thank you and stating essentially what I said at the top of this journal post, they added in a following email:

My realization about the review of your comic on Bad Webcomics Wiki
has actually caused me to look back at the other reviews there more
objectively. I am beginning to see that many (but not all!) of the
comics on that wiki were being unfairly criticized in a similar manner
to yours, which really sucks, turning away many prospective readers
without even giving them a chance to read for themselves. So, thanks
for having a comic that stood up so well against it's critics as to
help me realize this! :D

I do understand the entertainment value of sites that make fun of other things. They can be a great bit of frivolous humor to fill a bit of time and make us laugh at the efforts of others. Unfortunately, by their nature, they do become depositories for grudges, speculation, and the accenting of faults. This is done sometimes to simply fuel the pleasure of sharing a mutual dislike for someone. Most of all, it's important to realize these things and never let such things factor into your desire to create and have fun.

If what someone's saying is untrue, your repudiation is your material. Such things say more about the people leveling the accusations and bitching over the internet, than they do about you. Simply put.
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