Marginalizing FA and Emphasizing Alternatives (and future Commissions)

I suppose it's worth saying that my intentions here aren't to alienate people from using Fur Affinity if they want. Websites don't necessarily compete like manufacturers of toaster ovens, where if you buy one, you're not likely to purchase a competing product. People can maintain accounts on several sites. This reality has kept FA's momentum as it is, since it can feel superfluous to watch the same artist post the same galleries on two different websites, so why not just watch them on the most trafficked site, where you'll see more participation and comments?
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Catalog Temporarily Down As We Update

We're in the process of making changes and updates to the catalog system, which are really long overdue. In the meantime, the checkout page has been disabled. We're looking to have things back up and new and fresh by the end of this upcoming weekend.

I want to thank my new and regular customers for their support!


Future Project Thoughts

I thought I'd break down where I was on the adult project front, right now. I've already broken ground on the next project, and that's already set in stone, though I don't want to get into that particular one, at the moment. Right now I'm speculating on which of my ideas I'll have for the last project of this year, and then well into next year.

Right now I'm stalled on what to do with the Cottonwine series. I had an idea at first, and started the next set of volumes as The Rise of the Wolf Queen. But I was looking through my plot notes for the subsequent installments, and I wasn't pleased with them. My intent was to take it in a slightly new and perhaps unexpected direction, none of which was mentioned in the first installment. That first comic was done only to re-introduce the inquisitor character. Anyway, this explains the delay in progressing the series. I'm not going to abandon it, but I need some more time to work it to a point where I feel it would make a good adult series to proceed with. The first arc of the series earned such strong reactions from people, both positive and negative. I didn't want to simply repackage the same sort of thing and try to have lightning strike twice. Sometimes the first time you do something like that, it's best to let it stand on its own and not keep trying to recreate it.

One of the things that always bugged me about my own work, was the wide range of subjects I sometimes swing to. I do sometimes fear that people who follow me for a particular phase I go through, will be left behind as I begin doing comics about other subjects for a while. I've built a large collection of people who watch me, and no matter what I put out, I will make only a certain number of them happy with my decision for what to do next, while others are eagerly awaiting new stories about a completely different universe and subject. At one point, I wanted to prune some of the worlds I would work it, narrow it down to one or two, but in the end, I really didn't like the idea of restricting myself.

In the meantime, I'm also swinging back and forth between either a story about Lenore, or a story about Mandy. I'm sure everyone will provide their opinion on the matter, and in this case, I kind of appreciate it, so long as it's not demanding and rude. I know there are people who really like Mandy, but there are also people who want to see more humans hooking up with furries. So far, no complicated plots for either have bubbled up, just really simple introductions to rampant hedonism (that's not an invitation to hear ideas). For the record, I will admit to leaning toward a Mandy story, because she's not had a sexual role in a comic yet, or much of any role, really.

Everything beyond that is sketchy.

Jean Valjean is Victor Hugo's Mary Sue

Obviously, I don't believe the title of this post is a legitimate criticism, but I thought it would be a good example of the overuse of this criticism. In the novel, Les Miserables, Jean Valjean is a reformed thief who devotes his life to charity and piety, and is the central character used by Victor Hugo to make his case for social reforms.

The people who level "criticism" toward my own work and characters, and often refer to the character Fisk as a Mary Sue, are using this loose and sloppy definition. I'm well aware that, were I to share their views and life philosophy, and express it through my work, they wouldn't level this criticism. But that their issue is primarily with me, personally, because of a view I hold, or something I bluntly stated in the past, they're clinging to an emotional distaste. To them, emotions are irreducible, unanalyzed realities, and therefor anything that causes them to have a bad emotional reaction will be catalogued as "inherently bad" by reflex. This will include the work produced by someone they dislike for unrelated reasons. I'm confident they would never level accusations of Mary Sue on characters that held their beliefs, or conversely, the accusation of "straw men" being used in stories with messages they agreed with.
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Red's Back Story

Starting Friday (4/12/2013), Original Life will be on an arc that will cover Red's back story. It's a story I've held onto for years, since shortly after her character was created, never quite knowing the best place to tell it. I think I've found the best way to deliver it for what it is, and as a way to give the character more depth. It's a story that's probably more at home in Better Days than it is in the Original Life, but there are people who have missed some of the more weighty topics from my last webcomic. So, I hope they will enjoy this. There are no punchlines. Not much about it is light hearted. But it will explain some of the reasons she is how she is in her thoughts about families, relationships, and how she needs to be in the control as well as emotionally distant in her sex life.

And if you're not following Original Life, or haven't heard of it, you might want to give a shot.

My webcomics are kind of like a jawbreaker. There are different colors and flavors as you work your way through it, over time. Some people take a break and store it in the wrapper in the desk drawer, only to take it up again later. Some people's mothers find it and are disgusted. Other people never start it out of fear, but then they're happy when they finally do. And then there's that weird girl in the neighborhood who just licks it and never puts it in her mouth.

Red Project Complete (and upcoming comic ideas)

The Red comic is completed and up on the adult catalog, now ( ) and I'm already sort of gearing up for the next project. I'm pleased that I'm doing these at an even better clip than before. A project like this would have taken me a bit longer with my old pace. The pages look really nice. I'm also really excited to work on the continuation of the original Cottonwine story. This next comic will continue events left off from the Fall of Little Red Riding Hood and be the first installment in the Rise of the Wolf Queen.

I also have a project featuring Mai and Minh and some nice little explanations about them from Priscilla's standpoint that's pretty foremost in my mind. So much so that there's a good chance it'll be the comic I do after the first Wolf Queen comic. There's also a comic possibly involving Brice having his own fling which will coincide with an Original Life arc I have planned for this year, but it's release will warrant some timing, so I can't say when that'll manifest. Aside from that, this year is fairly up in the air. There are a lot of half-stories and good ideas that I haven't yet coalesced into workable form that could make for fun things to do.

Thanks for your support! :3


2013 Production

Things for 2013 are a little more loose than my usual collection of ideas. This is in the hopes that by the time I have time for some of the little germs in my mind, they'll still seem new and exciting and I won't feel like bypassing them. Many projects in the past have never seen the light of day because of that.

Another thing worth noting is how I plan to be much quicker in producing work. One of the things that really slows me down is overthinking which lines I'll put where and what I'll put in this frame or that in a comic, when a more stream-of-consciousness approach yields equally effective results. That's more or less what I did with the Samantha comic and it came out great. I would have finished the comic much sooner, but my move to Florida put a huge speed bump in my production schedule. But in 2013, I'm hoping 10 and 15+ page comics become normal, instead of an impressive exception. I'm also getting more work done per day in my new place. I feel much less dreary.

The next comic I'll be working on will be about Red the otter. It's something I've been thinking on for a while and it's time. I'm working on this as a comic that I'll work on as 2012 ends and 2013 ramps up. This is what I will work on while the ideas for The Rise of the Wolf Queen begin to come together in a more solid form. Right now the story is still just loose notes due to not being able to think on much else. But I am eager to get started on the next series from the Cottonwine universe. There are also plenty of ideas swirling around about Priscilla's little retinue of household help, mainly revolving around Mai and Minh. Their relationship and behavior has become a subject of a few drawings of mine and I'd love to expand on it further in project form. Right now I'm keeping that idea for later in the year, possibly after the first Wolf Queen comic.

That's all for now. Thanks to everyone who supports my work. You're the best. :3

Swanky Florida Digs and Production Schedule

I secured the keys to my new place last Friday and I'm in the process of ferrying down loads of things leading up to moving the large things down in about a week. It's a sweet place. Secure, strong and made of concrete, having survived many decades of storms. I used to live at the same complex a few years ago and I really missed living there. I really am cut out for warm weather and a relaxed, beachy life. I'll be that self employed dude who lives by the beach and sets his own hours, and it's a good thing to be.

Here's a view of the pool from my balcony. It's a sweet pool. There's also a fitness room so I can run on a hamster wheel no matter what the weather is like.

Five minutes walk from the apartment is this:

It's a smaller beach than Cocoa to the North, but that's kind of nice. It's never been overcrowded in my memory and when the tide's too high, it's still nice to sit on the small boardwalk there and just enjoy the ocean.

The move is putting a hit on my productivity. I was sure to finish the ongoing Samantha project before the end of this month, and right now it could go over by a few days. It's a large project, so it'll be worth the wait. All my spare time is devoted to keeping the webcomics up to date and working on the Samantha project, so all the ideas I have for single images I want to upload to my site galleries are on hold and piling up in my mind. It could be a while before I continue my contributions to FA, DA, Tumblr, and Weasyl in any significant way.

It also means I'm pushing back my commission schedule. Those on my commission list aren't out any money, so there's no tension, but still, I like to keep in communication. I'll be plunging back into my commission list after I get fully settled in the new place.