Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Naked Truths

The next project "Naked Truths" is in full stride. I had to get rid of a lot of other obligations before I could really start full speed on this one, but now I've got my rhythm. It's a brief introduction to some of the other denizens of Trixie's clothing optional private community. It reveals some of their secrets, their personalities, their little inner workings, and their nefarious schemes. Actually, it primarily swirls around the nature of Zoe, but it involves conversation from others, as well.

Normally, I use 9x12 bristol sheets for these comics, but for this one I'm using 11x17. It gives me a lot more room to cover little things, like "animation" key-frame style sections in a comic without running out of space. It also just lets me draw larger images when I want to, like the ones in the sample work-in-progress page posted here. Any nuditious "glimpses" are pretty tame on this first page, so I don't mind putting it on my LJ in its entirety.

The page count on this one will probably only be about six, considering how large the pages are and that they'll be full color when it's done. It's not really a plot that warrants more than that. I already have the next project planned out, but whether or not it's completed before 2012 depends on how much time I have in between holidays and MFF between now and then.
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