Fisk (fiskblack) wrote,

Oh Sweet Christ Do I Gotta Rock

I finally finished the Amy's Little Lamb Summer Camp Adventure story, and it's like a tremendous weight off of my schedule. I don't think I'll take on another project of that size unless it's a point in the year without holidays and other obligations, again. Anyway, I'm real pleased with how the pages turned out.

I think I've settled on a continuation of Rachel's life as my next story. I want to try a different style. The cartoony style of finishing is fine for Amy's story, since it's cute and happy, but Rachel has a darker soul and the finishing needs to reflect it. For now, most of my spare time will be spent re-building some of the comic buffer that was eaten away by attending FWA and pushing ahead to get this latest project completed and out of the way. So, I'll be eating, drinking, and breathing Better Days and New Worlds all weekend.

In some totally unrelated non-website news, I went cruising around, chatting with realtors and brokers about purchasing a home. What I've discovered is, I'm going to need to wait until 2008 to get the optimal loan terms that I want, since they want at least 2 years of self-employment income (proven through filing taxes), and right now I only have 1 complete year. My credit score is so good that I could jump the gun if I wish and go for a no-documentation loan, which is based entirely on credit score without investigating job history and income at all, but it would be at an inflated interest rate. I think it'll be worth it for me to wait.
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